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Roman Art

Roman bronze Eros
1st c. BC ??? AD
H. 12cm.
Thumb of right hand chipped, otherwise perfect. Inlaid eyes. Fine green patina with red spots.


Eros, the Greek god of love (Roman Cupid), son of Aphrodite, is depicted as a child in the nude. He is standing in contraposto, in a spiral movement upwards. His right arm raised up, his left arm bent forward, his left leg raised forward and his right leg stepped backwards. The body is twisted to the left and the head is turned to the left.   The figure is modeled with the lively movement of the posture and with fine style of the anatomical details. The head and the body with gentle chubby features of a child. The head is relatively big, in the proportions of a child. The hair with typical central lock over the head, and the long hair is falling down in wavy locks.
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Roman bronze ErosRoman bronze Eros

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