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Near Eastern Art

Near Eastern bronze Pazuzu.
9th - 6th century BC.
Height: 7.3 cm. (2 7/8 in.)
Very Fine, missing tip of right horn. Very fine dark green patina. Mounted.


Pazuzu is presented with his winged head over a short column with globular base. The head with demonic features, large wide open eyes, wide nose, open mouth and a short beard. His ears are spread, and his head surmounted between his horns with a small head of a bull with solar disk between the horns. The Pazuzu head is flanked by two pairs of spread wings. A suspension loop at the back of the figure.
Pazuzu was a demonic god of Mesopotamian origin, and was used as an amulet to protect from evil spirits, with special importance for pregnant women.
This unusual figure of Pazuzu combines his head with the bull’s head with solar disk, which suggests a Syrian or Phoenician origin.

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  Near Eastern bronze Pazuzu. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Near Eastern bronze Pazuzu.Near Eastern bronze Pazuzu.Near Eastern bronze Pazuzu.

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