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April 2015


Friends, collectors, colleagues and ancient art lovers – welcome to the Sasson Ancient Art website.
The website has now been updated with a variety of New Ancient Objects, in the different categories, and you can view them all in the
New Ancient Objects section.
These New Ancient Objects have been selected from the recent acquisitions of the SAA, and reflect the characteristics of the gallery collection: they are of fine artistic quality, of good condition of preservation, and with special charm that make them fine ancient works of art.

Roman Bronze Hermes
A bust balsamarium, 2nd century AD. H. 16.5 cm.

The website presents just a selection from the gallery collection. For more information about other ancient works of art, you are welcome to contact the gallery.

I would like to emphasize again the absolute guarantee to the authenticity, condition report and the legal provenance of all the objects of the Sasson Ancient Art gallery collection. All objects are legally registered in the Israel Antiquities Authority inventory, and are approved for export from Israel by the Authority, with the certificate of IAA Export Approval.

    The works of art (with the exception of minor items) are checked and certified by the Art Loss Register  that they are not registered as stolen or missing.

 I hope you enjoy viewing the items on the site. If you wish to have any further information, I would be pleased to send it to you.

Gideon Sasson









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