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Byzantine Glass

Early Christian Christogram glass medallion
Early Byzantine Period: 4th-7th century AD.
D. 4.7cm.
Perfect condition. Richly iridescent.
Ex. G. Blumenthal Collection.

The glass medallion depicts in high relief the early Christian symbol – the XP (Chi Ro) monogram cross, the Christogram, combining the cross with the monogram of the two first Greek letters of the Greek name of Christ – Christos.
The Christogram symbolized the triumph of Christ and Christ himself and was believed to have protective power. In the fourth century AD it was more common Christian symbol than the cross.
The Christogram is framed with a wreath. The medallion was an applique ornament on a glass vessel.
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  Early Christian Christogram glass medallion Click on any image to enlarge it.

Early Christian Christogram glass medallionEarly Christian Christogram glass medallion

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