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Roman Art

Roman marble sculpture of a river god
1s-2nd century AD.
L.27cm (10 5/8 in.)
Chipped at nose and left hand, missing attribute in right hand.
Ex. French Private Collection 1980.

The river god is depicted as a mature muscular man, reclining on his side on an integral base in the form of flowing water.
His body is leaning diagonally on his left arm, his legs bent and his right arm rests on the right leg. The head, facing to the left at the direction of the body, is adorned with massive long hair with long locks, and full long beard and moustache, spreading in symmetrical way. The body is naked in the upper part, with exposed genitalia; the legs are covered with folded garment, which continues over the left arm and around the body. The left arm rests on a water vessel lying on its side, serving as the water spout for the fountain, at the level of the modeled flowing water of the base.
The god is modeled with majestic expression, with strong features of the face and of the anatomical details of the body, in a fine classical style.
Cf. Vermeule III C.C., and Comstock M.B., Sculpture in Stone and Bronze in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Additions to the Collection of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Art 1971-1988, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 1988, no. 71.

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Roman marble sculpture of a river godRoman marble sculpture of a river god

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